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BlogMatrix Sparks! 2.0 – The easy “one-stop” solution for recording, sharing and listening to podcasts. Sparks! 2.0 removes the technical and financial barriers to podcasting. Now everyone can easily share their views, experiences and interests in the classless podcasting community.

BlogMatrix Sparks! 2.0 provides you the easiest way to produce professional sounding podcasts today. Record multiple tracks, import music, “checkpoint” important events within tracks and mix it all together with a click of the mouse.

Record a podcast

All you need is a microphone and a mouse … and something to say. Then simply click on the “Record Podcast” button.

Add tracks & import music

You can use up to eight tracks of recorded material, including imported music or other audio files. Divide tracks using our “Checkpoint” feature to remove unwanted parts or to reorganize recordings and mix in these parts as many times as you need into your final recording.

Mix it

Organize your tracks into a finished professional podcast using our mixing board. Decide which parts of a track you want to use, when they start in the mix, their volume level, fade in/fade out and interactively mix it all together.

Save and publish

Sparks! 2.0 automatically converts your podcast into an MP3 and publishes it to the BlogMatrix website – you need not worry about RSS 2.0, XML, OPML, BitTorrent or any other technical standard. Everything is done for you.

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BlogMatrix Sparks!


BlogMatrix Sparks! 2.0

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